Smart services, precious resources & rare solutions

What I Do

I host a small selection of resources, conceived for personal use and made available to a selected audience.


Who I Am

An early adopter of the web, those familiar with DOS, Altavista and BBS termonology know what I mean. A proud founder of a couple of GeoCities sites, the once famous "EnvironMind", "NaturalMente" (my 1995's creations). Grounded in science but not as a religion, more producer than user, better local than global. Hate the politically correct overshadowing the truth, the dictatorship of minorities, the trends lasting less of a decade, mainstream ideologies and the arrogance of the ignorants. Believe in the hard work, in the hard-earned money and that happyness is in the simple things.


My Selection

The generosity of PhotosSense, the professionalism of CosReg, and the originality of Rare Solutions.

Hardware Resources, (Soprav)Vivere in Germania and legacy bramans to finish up.